Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Homeward Residential Client Select, is a business built on trust. Brokers and Borrowers (Customers) entrust us with sensitive personal, financial and relationship information. We fully appreciate and respect the private nature of this information; we use it with discretion for lawful purposes and take great care to protect it. Here are our policies to protect borrower personal information:

We exceed industry standards

  • Borrowers are provided with all appropriate federal and state privacy disclosures
  • Borrowers are offered a choice about how their personal information is stored and used
  • Implemented policies and procedures to provide maximum protection of personal information
  • Restrict use of and access to personal information to only those employees with a legitimate business need
  • Require third parties doing business with Homeward Residential Client Select, to comply with all applicable privacy and security laws
  • Provide a private computer network that is protected by firewalls and security maintenance procedures
  • Use of secured Internet connections to gather private information and forward to those who will act upon it

In addition to these best practices, Homeward Residential Client Select, conducts business in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to our products and services, including the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, a federal law commonly known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”). Under GLB, an individual’s nonpublic personal information (“NPPI”) is afforded certain legal protections. Homeward Residential Client Select, abides by and endorses the philosophy underlying these pertinent laws. Abiding by best practices and pertinent laws is our company policy.

Any borrower wishing to permanently “opt out” portions of the information gathering and sharing process we currently use or may employ in the future is free at any time to contact Homeward Residential Client Select at

We respect the borrower’s information

We only ask for and use information needed for business purposes, and when lawfully permitted or necessary to comply
with legal requirements.

We limit internal access to information to personnel having legitimate business reasons.

We disclose customers’ information only for appropriate business purposes, when we have permission, when we are obligated by competent authorities, or upon consent of the individual customer. For example, it is a possibility that we exchange certain information with our customers’ financial institutions (for example verifying a balance in a bank account); we do so with express permission and solely to satisfy the needs of the loan.

To guard against “downstream” or third-party disclosure of a customers’ information, we may require that entities such as financial institutions and other business partners be required to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations and compatibility with this Privacy Policy. If we learn or believe that a third party poses a risk to a customer’s information, we will contact the borrower, broker, and, if appropriate, the regulators and law enforcement officials to express that concern.

  1. The GLB mentioned previously allows sharing of customer information among affiliates, also known as sister companies. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC NMLS #1852, customers might welcome information and special offers from other Ocwen businesses and we may work with these affiliates to develop compelling offers. Aside from these affiliates, we neither sell nor share information gathered during the course of business, except as authorized and as permitted by applicable state law.

If we are informed not to share information with affiliates, we honor those instructions, and customers will not receive offers about products and services offered by Homeward Residential Client Select, Inc. and our affiliates that may be of value to you.

We protect your privacy

Customer privacy. Customers are those that enter into relationships with us via mortgage lending applications, and can expect secure information storage, and annual privacy notices as applicable.

Past customer privacy. Even after a loan agreement ends, Homeward Residential Client Select, will continue to treat private customer information as though they are retained customers. We abide by applicable record-retention and privacy rules even after a loan has been repaid or otherwise has come to a close. Please note that Homeward Residential Client Select will furnish pertinent information where compelled or in order to comply with relevant law, in response to a subpoena, court order and other judicial processes, or as required by competent regulatory authorities.

Updates to this policy

The version of the Homeward Residential Client Select, Privacy Policy posted online and related web pages supersedes all previously posted or issued versions of same as of the date specified. Homeward Residential Client Select, reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Visitors to and users of the Homeward Residential Client Select, website are invited to return to the Privacy Policy and related pages periodically to check for revisions. Customers and others having pertinent relationships with Homeward Residential Client Select, may also be notified of changes to this policy by additional means including, but not limited to, e-mails, letters and telephone calls.

Third Party Links

You may or may not locate links on our website to a third party. These links will direct you to outside websites that should have their own privacy policies which you should read and understand before using their site. Homeward Residential Client Select, does not accept any responsibility or liability for their policies or the security of information you submit through their website whatsoever as we have no control over third party websites.


By using the Homeward Residential Client Select, Website, you agree to this Privacy Policy and to the use of the information that we receive and collect as stated herein. By providing any personal information to this site, you acknowledge that you fully understand and consent to the collection and processing of such information. Homeward Residential Client Select, reserves the right at its discretion to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of this site following the posting of changes to these terms indicates your acknowledgment and acceptance of any changes.

Inquiries and Concerns regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to:

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